like a setting sun, like a last goodbye, like an incomplete lullaby

The name is Pond. Amelia Pond. Not to be confused with James Bond. That's with a 'b' not a 'p'. Moving on, my name is Amelia Pond and this is the story of my life. Not really, but I guess we'll get there in the end.

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M!A: none....

this is a multiverse Amy Pond set after The God Complex, so basically before season 7 if you ever get confused, just remember that. also, this blog could get NSFW I guess considering that the mun and the muse are both 18+ (well the mun is 18 the muse is 26)... if you're not comfortable with that, then I'm sorry. I'll rp with anyone from any fandom (even if you're not in a fandom), including OCs so there's that.


*any gifs used on here are not mine unless stated otherwise. this is a roleplaying account intended for fun and creative purposes only. I do not claim to own Amy Pond or anything affiliated with her.*

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"Did you know that giraffe’s tongues are prehensile? That’s a good word for you, prehensile. Why am I talking about giraffes?"

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